National Expungement Week Statement

As a collective of activists and frontline freedom fighters from across the nation: 

We condemn all of the officers involved in the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Mike Ramos and Tony McDade and we condemn all police officers who use their protected class status to end the lives of our community members. 

We condemn the militarization of the police forces across our nation and the excessive force used against people exercising their rights to speak against police brutality. Police unions across the nation lobby to insulate their protected status as they escalate the violence against the people, with lethal and less-than-lethal weapons used to maim and kill protestors.

We demand defunding of police departments across the nation and to redirect those funds to school districts, housing, and access to actual resources for mental health in the school system and continued education. In a time where health care workers are treating COVID-19 patients with minimal protection wearing garbage bags and soiled surgical masks, police officers are attacking protestors while wearing full riot gear. Law enforcement agencies steadily expand their budgets, yet social services funding has been steadily cut. 

We demand blanket amnesty for all freedom fighters who have been incarcerated during this time.

While the justice system continues to profit from the incarceration of people and arrests of protestors. These arrests exacerbate our current public health crisis by putting more people at risk of contracting COVID-19, which is already disproportionately harming communities of color.. Our communities cannot continue to suffer the way they have. We demand justice! We will not rest until justice is served and all historic marginalized communities receive equitable access to all basic human rights. WE DEMAND THIS NOW!

You can sign the petition to defund the police by visiting: